Social Media Marketing FAQ

Why Can’t I Reach All My Fans, Followers And Subscribers?

Social networks like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube work with algorithms. There is an algorithm for every marketing channel in social networks. For example, the Facebook algorithm and the Instagram algorithm. Contents are filtered according to user interests and activities and published individually. If you have 100.00 followers on Instagram, you will reach your followers who interact with your previous content, not all your followers. The same applies to the Facebook app.

What Do Fans And Followers On Social Networks Bring To My Company?

“Real” fans and followers bring a great deal of customer potential and awareness to your company.

What Is A Good Engagement Rate?

Engagement rates are always related to reach or number of followers achieved. The more followers you have, the higher the engagement rate will usually be. The more you analyze and reach your followers, the higher your engagement rate.

What Are Vanity Metrics?

Showdown Metrics represent statistics that are not directly related to your actual marketing goals. Analyzes that are measurable but not indicative of real return on investment. These are mainly ; pageviews , time on site , pages/visit , visits , bounce rate. This and other metrics are informative.

What Is Video Views On Facebook, Instagram And YouTube?

YouTube measures video views differently than Facebook and Instagram. On Facebook and Instagram a view is already counted after 3 seconds, while on YouTube it is about 30 seconds. Also, the appearance of a story counts as the moment the story opens.

What Social Media Goals Should I Define?

Social media goals mean marketing goals. Instead of relying entirely on interactions, followers, and reach, you can get leads, conversions, increased sales, customer loyalty, brand awareness, etc. Social media is not a silo and should always contribute to overarching corporate goals.

What Is Interaction? How to Increase?

Engagement is the situation in which a post shared via social networks or other social platforms is noticed and influenced by other users. Increasing engagement is the work you do to make your content more visible. To increase interaction; the content must be chosen carefully, it is necessary to adjust the harmony between the content and the target audience, and attention must be paid to timing.

What Are The Differences Between Reach And Display?

Impression is a metric that is predominantly used to measure the number of digital views or interactions in areas such as an ad, post, or website. Reach is the total number of users who saw your content.

Which Social Networks Are Most Important?

The most important social networks are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Depending on the company and the target, it is decisively important in social networks such as Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

Which Social Networks Contribute to My Marketing Goals?

The most important social networks are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube. Depending on the company and the target, it is decisively important in social networks such as Twitter, Snapchat and LinkedIn.

How Do I Properly Share A Website Link On Social Media?

Facebook and Twitter have the most suitable organic content formats for spreading links. If a link is shared, social networks automatically generate a link preview based on website information. You can also share ad links via carousel ads, story ads, YouTube and Pinterest.

Which Social Network Is An Ideal Choice For Stories?

Stories was developed and established by Snapchat. But Instagram has surpassed Snapchat and is the world’s leading story platform. In other words, the ideal choice for stories in social networks is the Instagram application.

How do I use hashtags in my content?

A hashtag defines the topic of the shared content and the message it wants to convey. Hashtags are most effective on Twitter and Instagram, but Facebook and YouTube also support them. While only 1-2 hashtags should be used per tweet on Twitter, 10 hashtags can be used on Instagram. However, the hashtags you choose should be high on the topic of your content.

Should I Advertise On Social Networks?

Advertising is an integral part of social media. Whether it’s Instagram marketing or Facebook marketing, appealing to current and potential customers through ads is crucial. A media strategy and budget planning is an integral part of a social media strategy. The right targeting can reach the right people through social media ads. You can also effectively monetize your own website traffic with retargeting campaigns.